CD: "Midnight Blues"

fs-0402520 fs-0402523 fs-0402526 fs-0402527

OD: "Love Bug / Cry Me A River"

fs-0401025 fs-0401026 fs-0401028 fs-0403328 fs-0403329 fs-0403330
fs-0404417 fs-0404418 fs-0404420 fs-0404424 fs-0404427

FD: "Merlin"

fs-0400701 fs-0400702 fs-0400707 fs-0400708 fs-0400709
fs-0406229 fs-0406231 fs-0406232 fs-0406233 fs-0406235 fs-0406236
fs-0406302 fs-0406305 fs-0406306 fs-0406308 fs-0406309

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