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last updated 1/18/13

Welcome to my listing of Skating Videos. I can accept dvds in all formats (NTSC or PAL) and I am always open to trades, otherwise I am more than willing to copy items for folks who have nothing to trade. Cost is $10 per dvd which includes a mailer and US first class postage. Outside the US price includes additional shipping - Canada $11, all others $13. Most items generally run 2 hours and are of VG+ quality or better. To get information on how to request a dvd, send a BLANK email to videotapes@scratchspin.com and the info will be automatically sent to you. To ask a specific question, use this form to contact me. Please note that a reply may take a while - I get a lot of requests. I will get back to you though!

All skaters are listed by their last name. To see the entire listing of the dvd, just click on the number. The vast majority of my collection features only the mens and dance portions of the event. Selected skaters from ladies and pairs are sometimes includes, but rarely the whole field.

Understanding Quality: I rate my dvds from Excellent down to Poor. EX is a clean/mint copy, VG+ is some small flaw that keeps it from being EX, VG is nice, VG- nice but the bottom end, Good is watchable only, Poor is watchable only to one desperate for the footage

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Complete listing of all tapes that are not a skater compilation.

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Skater Compilation
Compilation tapes focusing on one skater or team. Biggest collections are: Brian Orser, Todd Eldredge, Steven Cousins, Anissina & Peizerat, Drobiazko & Vanagas, Delobel & Schoenfelder and Stephane Lambiel among others.

Men Collections   |    Dance Collections

Newly added items:
Medal Winners Open 2011 MA LA TV-Tokyo DE-277
Family Skating Tribute 2012   NBC DE-274
Today Show TE NBC DE-274
Carnival on Ice 2012   TV-Tokyo DE-278
Artistry on Ice 2012   TV-BS DE-279
Stars on Ice Japan 2012   TV-Tokyo DE-280
Skate Canada 2012 MLP NBC DE-275
Trophee Bombard 2012 MLP NBC DE-275
NHK Trophy 2012 MLP NBC DE-276
Grand Prix Final 2012-2013 MLP NBC DE-276
Holiday Moments on Ice 2012   NBC DE-283
Skate Canada 2012 MLP DFD Univ DE-282
NHK Trophy MLP DFD Univ DE-287
Cup of Russia 2012 MLP DFD Univ DE-285
Trophee Bombard 2012 MLP DOD DFD Univ DE-286
Cup of China 2012 MLP DFD Univ DE-286
Grand Prix Final 2012-2013 MLP DFD Univ DE-288
Canadian Stars on Ice 2012   CBC DE-289
  SRC DE-290

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