Brian Orser at Sun Valley 1989
1. "Like A Rock" (performance)
2. "Like A Rock" (night practice)
3. "Like A Rock" (performance)
4. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (performance)
5. "Hit the Road Jack" (performance)
6. "Like A Rock" (performance)
7. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (performance)
8. "Hit the Road Jack" (performance)
9. Final bows
10. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (night practice)
11. Day practice (with Boitano and Witt)
12. "Like A Rock" (day practice)
13. Boitano and Witt - "Carmen" (day practice)
14. Day practice (with Boitano and Witt
15. "Like A Rock" (day practice)
16. Day practice (with Boitano and Witt)
17. "The Lion Sleeps" (day practice)
18. Boitano - "Stand Up For Love" (performance)
19. Boitano - "Carousel Waltz" (performance)
20. Night practice (with Boitano)
21. "Hit the Road Jack" (night practice)
22. "King of the Road" (Orser & Boitano routine - night practice)
23. Day practice
24. "Hit the Road Jack" (day practice)
25. Day practice
26. "King of the Road" (day practice)
27. Day practice
all footage is camcorder. Condition VG+ for 1-20, 21-28 Good.