That’s Skating
1998 CBC. Qual=EX
1. Canadian Carnivals 1930-40s – hosted by Barbara Ann Scott
2. Donald Jackson – hosted by Kurt Browning
3. Toller Cranston: – hosted by Kurt Browning,
Strawberry Ice
4. Elvis Stojko – hosted by Donald Jackson
“JailHouse Rock”, Elvis Incognito, Carruso Tribute
5. Brian Orser – hosted by Elvis Stojko
Skating Free – Lake Louise, The Planets, Carmen,
Night Moves, “Up On The Roof”, Blame It On the Blues,
Story of My Life, 98 Stars on Ice, Skating Free
6. Underhill & Martini – hosted by Brian Orser
“When A Man Loves A Woman”, “It Had To Be You”, “As Days Go By”
7. Morrow & Distelmyer, Defoe & Bauden, Wagner & Paul, Jeleneks – hosted by Underhill & Martini
8. Brasseur & Eisler – hosted by Toller Cranston
“You Never Can Tell”, “Miss Otis Regrets”
9. Josee Chouinard – hosted by Toller Cranston
“The Big Melt,” “??“ from Stars on Ice
10. Barbara Ann Scott – hosted by Toller Cranston
11. Liz Manley – hosted by Karen Mangusen
Calgary 88, Back to the Beanstalk
Little Red Riding Hood, “I Love You Goodbye”
12. Wilson & McCall – hosted by Brian Orser
Calgary 88, “Billion Dollar Baby”
13. The Duschenays – hosted by Tracy Wilson
“Tango” “Jungle #” “Missing” The Planets
14. Bourne & Kraatz – hosted by Tracy Wilson
“Can’t Cry Hard Enough”, “Riverdance”
“Who Wants to be A Millionare” (Elvis Incognito)
15. Gary Beacom – ‘hosted by Kurt Browning,
“I’m Your Man”
16. Hough & Ladret – hosted by Kurt Browning
“The Big Melt”, “Are You Gonna Go My Way”
17. Sandra Bezic – hosted by Barbara Ann Scott
18. Kurt Browning – hosted by Sandra Bezic
“Casablanca”, Tall In The Saddle, “Fit As A Fiddle”,
“Brickhouse”, “Singing In The Rain”