Todd Eldredge Mint 12
1996 Vol 3

1996 Skate America, Springfield, MA
1. “Independence Day” LP, profile - (ABC)
2. “Independence Day” LP (CTV)
3. “Independence Day” LP (TF1)
4. “This Is The Moment” EX (ABC)
1996 Skate Canada, Kitchener, ON
5. Todd backstage with Tara
1996 Trophee Lalique, Paris, France
6. “Independence Day” LP (FOX)
7. “Independence Day” LP (CTV)
8. “Independence Day” LP (TF1)
9. “This Is The Moment” EX (FOX
10. “This Is The Moment” EX (TF1)
1996 NHK Trophy, Osaka, Japan
11. Interview on withdrawl (FOX)
1996 Cook’s Champagne on Ice, Long Beach, CA
12. “This Is The Moment” (ESPN)
13. “Please Come Home For Christmas” (ESPN)
14. “O Holy Night” (ESPN)
1996 USFSA Pro-Am Challenge, Philadelphia, PA
15. “Walk On The Wild Side” SP (ABC)
16, “Independence Day” LP (ABC)
1996 Ultimate Four, Boston MA
17. “Walk On The Wide Side” SP (NBC)
18. “This Is The Moment” IF (NBC)