Todd Eldredge Mint 14
1997 Vol 2

1997 Champions on Ice, Ashville, NC
1. Profile, “Walk On The Wild Side” (USA)
2. “This Is The Moment” (USA)
1997 Worlds, Lausanne, Switzerland
3. Interview - Wild World of Sports (ABC)
4. “Walk On The Wild Side” SP (EUROSPORT)
5. “Walk On The Wild Side” SP (ESPN)
6. “Independence Day” LP (EUROSPORT)
7. “Independence Day” LP, profile (ABC)
8. “Independence Day” LP (ESPN)
9. “This Is The Moment” EX (EUROSPORT)
10. “This Is The Moment” EX (ABC)
11. “This Is The Moment” EX (ESPN)
1997 USFSA Figure Skating Challenge, Greensboro, NC
12. “Close Every Door” IF (ABC)
1997 Tour of Champions, Providence, NJ
13. “Close Every Door” (ABC)
1997 ARD Gala on Ice, Oberstdorf, Germany
14. “Walk On The Wild Side” (ARD)
15. “Close Every Door” (ARD)
1997 USFSA Skating Classic, Daytona Breach, FL
16. “Close Every Door” IF (ABC)
1997 Cook’s Champagne on Ice, Charlotte, NC
17. “Putting On The Ritz” (ENS) (ESPN)
18. “Walk On The Wild Side” (ESPN)
19. Interview, Cook’s Commercial (ESPN)