Todd Eldredge Mint 33
2002 Vol 3

2002 Great American FS Challenge, New Haven, CT
1. “Carmina Burana / Mythodea” IF (ABC)
2002 Canadian Stars on Ice, Toronto, ON
2. “Your Song” (CBC)
3. “Top of the World / We’ve Only Just Begun” ENS (CBC)
2002 It’s Great to Skate Clinic, Rochester, NY
4. Todd coaching
2002 Salute to Gold, Fort Myers, FL
5. “Freedom Battle” (NBC)
6. “Perpetuum Mobile” ENS (NBC)
7. “Miserere” (NBC)
8. “A Little Less Conversation” ENS (NBC)
2002 It’s Great to Skate Clinic, Grapevine, TX
9. Todd coaching
2002 Scott Hamilton & Friends, Philadelphia, PA
10. “Drum Solo” (NBC)
11. “A Whiter Shade of Pale” (NBC)
12. “Love Is King” ENS (NBC)
2002 Skate America, Spokane, WA
13. Todd in the audience
14. Todd on costuming and judging (LIFE)
2002-2003 Stars on Ice, Lake Placid, NY
15. “Channel One Suite” (A&E)
16. “Power Play” ENS (A&E)
17. “Miserere” (A&E)
18. “Can’t Stop” ENS (A&E)
2002 Holiday Celebration on Ice, Greenville, SC
19. “Ave Maria” (NBC)
20. “Freedom Battle” (NBC)
21. “Silent Night” ENS (NBC)