Todd Eldredge Mint 35
The Professional Years Vol 2

2003-2004 Stars on Ice
1. “Grand Canyon Suite” ENS (A&E)
2. “Flamenco”
3. “T.G.I.F.”
4. “Work N’ Time” ENS
5. “Time” ENS
2003 Holiday Celebration on Ice
6. “Christmas Medley” ENS (NBC)
7. “The Lord’s Prayer”
8. “When You Come Back To Me Again”
9. “Country Christmas Medley”
2003 World Team Challenge
10. “When You Come Back to Me Again” Tech (OXY)
11. “Flamenco” Art
The Today Show
12. “Flamenco” (NBC)
2004 Canadian Stars on Ice
13. “When You Come Back To Me Again (CBC)
14. “Rock Lesson” ENS
15. “Time” ENS
16. “When You Come Back To Me Again” (SRC)
17. “Work N’ Time” ENS
18. “Time” ENS
2004 Andrea Bocelli Tribute on Ice
19. “Il Mare Calmo Della Sera” (NBC)
20. SOI Promo
2004 Ice Wars
21. “Hymn A La Amour” Tech (CBS)
22. Il Muerto En La Rosa (Forevermore)” Art
2004 Holiday Celebration on Ice
23. “White Xmas / Winter Wonderland” ENS (NBC)
24. “You’re All I Need”
25. “Peace”
26. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” ENS