fs-0400923A fs-0400930A fs-0400931A fs-0401014
fs-0403529 fs-0403530

SP: "Tanguera"

fs-0402305 fs-0402306 fs-0402308 fs-0402926 fs-0402932

LP: "Robin Hood"

fs-0401429A fs-0401430A fs-0401432A fs-0401433A fs-0401437A fs-0401505A
fs-0401518A fs-0404118 fs-0404119 fs-0404120
fs-0404904 fs-0404906 fs-0404912 fs-0404913 fs-0404914
fs-0404921 fs-0404923 fs-0404931 fs-0404932 fs-0404933

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